Theresa Hak Kyung Cha: Reveillé dans la Brume (Awakened in the Midst)In 2003, I was working with Thomas Allen Harris on Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela, a film about the struggle for freedom, the longing for home and the impact of that experience on families. Harris introduced me to Cha’s art at that time and set me off on this incredible journey of discovery. This film was conceived during Lawrence Rinder’s guided tour of The Dream of the Audience: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1951-1982) exhibit at the Bronx Museum of Art that same year. Since then many people have shared their stories, opened their homes, volunteered their time, contributed their talents and provided moral and financial support for the film and site. There are many people to thank and the list grows daily. Special thanks to University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; gift of the Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Memorial Foundation for making this project possible. — Woo Jung Cho

Thomas Allen Harris Lawrence Rinder Constance Lewallen Stephanie Cannizzo Moira Roth Jason Sanders Tracy Seo Lily Wong Isoo Cho Myung Hee Cho James Cha Richard Barnes Bertrand Augst Yong Soon Min Elaine Kim Laurel Kendall Kim Hong-hee Shin Hyun-jin Jeon Jeong-ok Peter Sutherland Jean Lee JT Takagi Susette Min Anne Anlin Cheng Allan deSouza Kay Richards Nan Kim Paik Vicente Frano Gail Dolgin Ray Day Linda Goode Bryant Laura Poitras Andrew Steinberg Hisami Kuroiwa Jason Hwang Nancy Roth Judith Barry Mark Thompson Reese Williams Wayne Stein Sabine Breitwieser Bettina Spörr Yasuko Ikeuchi Charles Armstrong Ted Conant Matthias Grunsky Zwie Joanna Pong Grace Lee Cathy Cho Nancy Goldman Lucinda Barnes Lisa Calden Steven Gong Joseph Lovett Susie Lim Cindy Yoon James Melchert Futung Cheng Betty Kano George Lakoff Christina Creveling George Miyasaki Carol Klinger Dennis Love Genevieve Cottraux Jesse Warner Ed Wesberg Trip Callaghan John Hanhardt Sandy Flitterman Juan Puntes Ed Park John Woo Tim Pugh Sean Kaminsky Soon Sil Cho John Zorn Dai Sil Kim Jennifer Reeves Chi-hui Yang Yunah Hong Linda Blackaby Phillip Tiongson Marina Mezey Todd Sargood Lawrence Norden Joseph Lovett Soopum Sohn Soomi Kim Jennifer Shyu Emily Rosdeitcher Elizabeth Luth Alissa Yarkony Cassi Feldman Maria Freytsis Anna Maria Speciale Christine Nollen John Cha Tom Marioni Terry Hong Milton Tabbot Rose Vincelli Stanley Nelson Mable Haddock JiYe Kim Melissa Sandor David Ross Walter Lew Sylvie Courvoisier Okkyung Lee Ned Rothenberg Kenny Wollesen Thomas Beard Augusta Joyce Valerie Smith Julie Gaynin Eric Schuman Nikolaus Nelson Maia Klatzmann Oliver Mosier Sarah Kim